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Windows? Gutters? Patios? Driveways? We clean to please!

So many cleaning services available all from one expert!

Kernow Window Cleaning Services are unique, as not only do we have staff that have been trained using over 20 years of window cleaning experience in Cornwall, but we also carry specialist equipment that makes a big difference when it comes to cleaning!

Our window cleaning services use a toxin-free, de-ionized water to give the ultimate streak-free finish. We ensure we have the most up-to-date equipment available to use; we have a long reach pole system that extends to over 55ft/16m at its longest, your privacy is also protected as we don’t use ladders. We also use pressure washers on surfaces other than windows to ensure a 100% clean, looks like new finish.

When we arrive at your property you can be assured that we pride ourselves on attention to detail, your specific requirements and the efficiency of our window cleaning. As our name suggests Kernow Window Cleaning Services primarily clean windows, however we can offer you a great deal of other cleaning services too which might also be just up your street…

Window Cleaning ServicesWindow Cleaning Services
Whether it’s the Office or at Home – we use the most modern long reach system on the market today that can reach up to 55ft / 9m if necessary. De-ionized water provides an effective clean streak free finish with no harmful chemicals or toxins. This gives your property the best possible clean whilst ensuring your garden and home stay just the way you like them.

Gutter Cleaning ServicesGutter Cleaning Services
Never a fun or a clean job but our gutters are critical to ensure that rainfall goes where it is supposed to. Over time though they can clog up with twigs, dirt, leaves and everything else that nature likes to place in a gutter.

Patio Cleaning ServicesPatio Cleaning Services
Not an obvious choice for cleaning but like most things outdoors, eventually the elements will have their way with unwanted shrubbery, moss and outher nuisances finding their way in and around the patio area. Keep it looking like new with our pressure washing service.

Driveway Cleaning ServicesDriveway Cleaning Services
Sure your car may be hovering over it half of the day, but what about the rest of the day when your driveway is on show to you, your family and your neighbourhood? Well worry no more! With our unique pressure washing system we can have your driveway looking so smooth even a brand new Rolls-Royce won’t be able to resist pulling up onto your driveway!

Other Cleaning ServicesEverything else we clean
The majority of our services are covered above, but there’s always something that will need cleaning! So whether it might be a rustic but cherished shed, the kid’s trampoline, a sequence of slabs to the back gate or anything in between we clean almost anything outdoors. Find out more on our F.A.Q page.

Still not sure on what is the best service for you? Let us know what you want by asking for a quote.

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