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Window Cleaning for Business. All cleaned up.

Windows may not be the first thing you think of when running a business, but you’d be quite surprised…

Business Window Cleaning Services from Kernow Window Cleaning ServicesToday, business is tougher than ever. So it goes without saying that any advantage your business can gain is a worthwhile tactic. Consider your business and the building it operates in, how clean are your windows and who can see them?

Windows give customers the opportunity to look into your business, serve as an advertising space and provide a reflection of your company image amongst others. But in this respect they can affect your business on a daily basis.

No matter what industry you serve in, whether it is a local corner shop or a tall, modern office – first impressions count for a lot and the building you’re situated in says it all. A regular window cleaning service can make a big difference to how you appear to the public. For example would you go into a small, local shop if the windows were covered with finger prints? Possibly not.

A business window cleaning service is a very low expenditure compared to the likes of advertising and similar ventures. So why not clean up and get Kernow Window Cleaning Services to make your windows shine at their brightest?

For businesses who aim to reach the sky we can usually clean all of your windows as we employ a specialist long reach system up to 55ft / 16m. If your needs are more simple such as shop windows we have a standard reach system which extends to 29ft / 9m. It definitely makes sense these days to maintain a professional working environment that is clean, tidy and respectable for all.

The bottom line is – the more of your business that looks clean and presentable, more customers will be willing to use your services and make your business triumph to the top.

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